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So I don’t know if I told you, but I moved the blog to a new site at I am still keeping this blog up, however, I am mostly posting on the new website. Please visit the new website. I would really appreciate it.



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My new site is up. I thought I would let everyone know. It is called I Love My Books. You can go ahead and visit it. I am going to be posting a new review tonight. You can check everything out. I still will keep this blog so you can read the reviews I have posted. However, go to the new site for new reviews and other posts about the book world. Thanks for following this blog everyone!


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Well I have been thinking about this for a while, but I am going to go ahead and create a new blog for reading and reviewing books. This will be more than just reading and reviewing. It will also contain thoughts on authors, new books, and anything else that is related to the book world. Why am I doing this? I need a change to tell the truth. I feel like the blog here is just becoming a read and review blog. Which isn’t bad, but I want something else. I will still leave this up since it is the longest blog I have had, but I will put up a link to the new blog when I am ready. Thanks for understanding.


Extreme Paranormal Investigations


Title: Extreme Paranormal Investigations by Marcus F. Griffin

Category: Nonfiction, Paranormal, Hauntings

Review: I’ve never read anything about hauntings or anything of that kind. I just haven’t taken that road before. I really enjoyed this book. First off, the author is part of a group known as WISP. WISP is a four-person group that are all Witches who use both metaphysical and technical means to investigate their different locations. There is a skeptic among the team and they do not go in with the mindset that they will find something. They do their research and do day sweeps of the area before they do their nighttime investigations.

In this book each chapter is presented like a case file. After giving the story of what happened at each location, the findings are presented. He tells you if they got audio evidence, then lets you know what is said. He tells you if they captured visual evidence. Things like that. I thought that was really important and credible.

It’s also nice to know that at the end of the book he gives resources for those to learn more about ghost hunting and the basics of metaphysics. This is a good book. I liked it very much for my first paranormal investigation book.

Rating: *****