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Neptune’s Inferno & Ship of Ghosts

Neptune’s Inferno by John Hornfischer

Neptune’s Inferno was one of the first Navy centered books I read. It is focused on the Navy and War World II. In specific the battle of Guadalcanal. Guadalcanal interests me for some odd reason. I don’t know why. I think I started being interested in that specific battle when I saw pictures of it on a news article. Anyway, this book in particular was written very beautifully. Not only did the author talk about the U.S. Navy and the different ships that the U.S. lost and sent out to the Guadalcanal, but he talked about the Japanese ships and admirals. I definitely learned a lot about the Navy relating to both the U.S. and the Japanese. The author draws you in and you can’t stop reading. I definitely recommend this not just for history buffs, but for everyone. Rating: *****

Ship of Ghosts by John Hornfischer

Ship of Ghosts was another Navy centered book by John Hornfischer. The difference between this one and Neptune’s Inferno is that this one is focused on one ship, the USS Houston. The author captures you from the beginning. I ended up finishing this book in six days (which is amazing for me because I watch my nephew). The author takes you through different times of the USS Houston. This is specifically in the World War II era. It starts with the USS Houston going to the Pacific and ending up sinking. Some of the men survive and are captured by the Japanese. They are sent to POW camps. This book is a great read and you just can’t put it down. Rating: *****



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