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The Battle of the Tanks

The Battle of the Tanks by Lloyd Clark

Well i’m sorry it took me so long to post a review. Despite the fact that this book was about the same length as Area 51, I just could not seem to read it in a short time. My sleep has been off. Enough of me. I loved this book. I’ve been wanting to learn more about Russia in World War II and this taught me a lot. This book focused on the Battle of Kursk in particular, which was in the year 1943. On the German side it was called Operation Zitadelle (I think that is how you spell it, i’m not perfect). The author tells the story from both sides, the German and Russian sides. He focuses on, as you can tell in the title, tank battles. However, it’s not only tank battles you will read about. The book is divided by days of the battle so you can learn about the battle through the days of it. The book is very well written and from the first page you will find yourself engulfed. Rating: *****



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