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The Making of the Atomic Bomb

The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes

This book took a frigging long time to read. I don’t know how many days. I would have to look back in my personal diary. Anyway, I loved this book from a point of being a history buff. This book is over 700 pages, so unless you truly are interested in history you need to read this. This book is about the people who were involved with the atomic bomb, the science, and the war that involved the atomic bomb. It talks about Hiroshima briefly. Unfortunately, if you want a book that is brief about the atomic bomb, you need to find something else than this book. I think that the book really got me interested in the science behind the atomic bomb, which I hadn’t read about yet. If you really want a book that is completely about the atomic bomb, pick this one. Rating: *****


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