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An Army at Dawn

OMG! This book took me 16 days to read. I know because I write when I begin new books in my diary. This was crazy! So i’m hoping my next book will not take this long. It should be finished by Friday at least! So here is my review.

Title: An Army at Dawn by Rick Atkinson

Category: Nonfiction, History

Review: This book was one of the best books of War World II that I had read. It was the first book in a trilogy by Rick Atkinson. This book is about the war in Africa during WWII. I found it very interesting because it shows different points throughout the book. Meaning that the author shows the point of view through Eisenhower’s eyes. I liked that. He not only showed it through the American point of view, but British, and German. It’s nice to see a book that shows different point of views. The book was over 500 pages and it took a while to read, but it was interesting all the way. I definitely recommend you read this book.

Rating: *****


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