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Alexander the Great

Title: Alexander the Great by Norman Cantor

Category: Nonfiction, Ancient History

Review: This was the first history book I read regarding ancient history. I think I was interested when I bought it, because I was interested in Alexander the Great and still am. Although ancient history is not my most favorite category in the history section, I still enjoyed reading it. There were things when I read it that I didn’t know. I think there are things that we know about Alexander that are general, but if we want a more in depth information, we need to get a book that informs us more about him. I learned about several things that are related to Alexander. For example, his parents, the war he started, his lover, his friends, the countries he took over, and more. Even though I am not really excited about ancient history, this is a really good book to read. I definitely recommend it. It is a in depth book.

Rating: *****


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