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Seeds of Magick

Title: Seeds of Magick by Catherine Summers and Julian Vayne

Category: Nonfiction, Religion, Wicca

Review: I hadn’t read this book in such a long time. I was a teenager when I first got this book. I think I didn’t know what to make of it when I read it when I was younger. I didn’t understand it. However, now that I read it again and am older, I understand what the book means. The book is an expose about magick in different topics. It can be more of a college book for Wiccans. It is a wonderful book to read, but unless you can delve into the pages, you can’t truly understand what it is informing you. I really recommend this book to all Wiccans, Pagans, and well anyone who wants to learn more about other religions. It is a book for those who are serious learners. This books was published in the nineties and can be found on, but keep looking for it on other online sources as well.

Rating: *****


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