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Eisenhower at War

Title: Eisenhower at War by David Eisenhower

Category: Nonfiction, History

Review: Well it took me a long while to read this book. Eisenhower at War is a book that is over 800 pages. I recommend that if you read it then you have a lot of time on your hands. The book is a very detailed book about Eisenhower’s life between 1943-1945. His grandson David Eisenhower wrote it and I think did a very good job with the book. I think the problem with me is that it focused on a specific time period of Eisenhower’s life. If it had been a wider time period then I would have probably read the book faster. It’s a really good and detailed book, as I said, but there are a lot of pages to cover. The book is divided into 10 chapters and has maps and photos to show the different parts of the war and Eisenhower and other important people in that time (like Churchill). Overall, it’s a good book.

Rating: ***


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