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Hey everyone,

Well, I finally got my book today. I’m not impressed with it. The website said it was in pretty good condition. I think it is in fair condition. It is a paperback book. Also, I am pretty pissed that it took 14 days to be sent to me. 14 days is too much. If I was a seller of used books, it would hardly take me that long to get a book to my buyer. It’s just ridiculous. So as I said, i’m using Amazon from now on. At least with Amazon, you know what you’re getting. Well that’s my thoughts. I will update soon.



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4 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. I list all my books as acceptable, then describe them. After one disagreement on the condition, I’ve found that that is the best way to avoid disappointment. However, “acceptable” category books are only really good for readers–collectors want something nicer. It’s like those comic-book guys who want their figurines in the original packaging. Why? To sell it to other comic-book guys who want their figurines in the original packaging.

    • pyriterenny on said:

      So true. I have books that I want to get rid of and I would describe everything about the book. I guess I just needed to learn.

  2. Rachel Anne Scott on said:

    As a reseller of vintage books, I’m so bummed to hear you had a bad experience. Book condition is really a matter of personal opinion (even though there are general guidelines), which is why lots of images and complete descriptions are so necessary. It is really up to the seller to be transparent and honest about the book, not on the buyer to be a supersleuth. Are you able to review the transaction? The seller ought to be informed, and ultimately held accountable, even if it is just a matter of opinion.

    • pyriterenny on said:

      Thanks for the information Rachel. I might try again, but if I do, I will definitely see about ratings. Thanks for your opinion.

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