Haven’t got my used book yet

Hey everyone,

Well I haven’t got my used book from AbeBooks.com yet. I don’t think I will be using AbeBooks.com again because of the time issue. I ordered on the 29th of August and it’s the 11th of September and I still haven’t got the book yet. I did check the tracking number and finally it got to Morgantown, WV. It was mailed through DHL. So i’m wondering if DHL is a slow mailing company. It’s supposed to come through the mail. I think when I get used books from now on, online, I will get them on Amazon.com. I don’t recommend AbeBooks.com unless you want to wait forever.




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3 responses to “Haven’t got my used book yet

  1. There are about 75 books on shelves on the sidewalk in front of my house. I am moving tomorrow. I wonder if anyone will take any at all, or if I will have to haul them down to the library along with the 50 or so I’ve already taken there. I hate to say it, but right now books are making my life a total fucking mess.

    • pyriterenny

      I would take any of your history books. 🙂 I’m sorry they are making your life a mess. Good luck with moving.

  2. Rachel Anne Scott

    (read the later post first, so please bear with my comments being a bit out of order here). Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Abebooks as a whole is a good site. I have had all positive transactions through them. Unfortunately, it is really just like ebay–your experience will vary from seller to seller. You are able to rate sellers on AbeBooks, and I would recommend doing so. Two weeks is too long (and also because of the issues discussed in the following post regarding condition).

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