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D-Day with the Screaming Eagles

Title: D-Day With the Screaming Eagles by George Koskimaki

Category: Nonfiction, History

Review: This book was pretty good. It was focused on D-Day through the eyes of the paratroopers who jumped to clear the way for the men who would be coming in from the beaches. The book tells it through the eyes of several men and even the man who wrote the book, George Koskimaki, who was a paratrooper himself. I think it is interesting because you get to see what is in the mind of several men, but it is a little boring to me because it focuses on one day. I have to have variation in the books that I read. This, however, does not mean that the book was written poorly. On the contrary, it was written very well and I have a great respect for all the men that sacrificed their lives for us. I recommend that you do read this book, especially if you are interested in D-Day.

Rating: ****


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