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The Rape of Nanking

Title: The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang

Category: Nonfiction, History

Review: When I finished reading this book I was very sad. I never knew about the Nanking Massacre in China. Probably most people don’t unless they read this book or another book on Nanking. The author really did a good job researching and writing about this particular incident. The Rape of Nanking is about when the Japanese invaded China during World War II. The Japanese did a lot of terrible things to the Chinese. They raped the women, set the men on fire, shot the men, decapitated them and plenty of other terrible things that you have to read to understand. I think what most affected me was that there was a German Nazi there during the time and he tried to stop the Japanese by sending a report to Hitler. Though Hitler never responded to him. I think that proves there were some good people in the world at the time, regardless of race. The book was a real eye-opener and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the atrocities committed in World War II.

Rating: *****


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