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Title: Inferno by Max Hastings

Category: Nonfiction, History

Review: This book took forever to read for me. It wasn’t a boring book. There was new information that I never knew about in this book. Well let me go ahead and tell you about it. Inferno was a book about World War II. It basically was a mix of the history of Britain, America, Japan, France, Germany, Russia, and several other countries in WWII. There are 26 chapters in the book and over 600 pages. The book jumps from one part of the history of the war and country in the war to another. I’ve seen some other books do that as well, but the book seemed a little like a textbook. It probably took forever because of the way it was written. I think it could have been written a little better considering the author’s voice. So that is my review.

Rating: ***


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