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The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt

Title: The Sacred Tradition of Ancient Egypt by Rosemary Clark

Category: Nonfiction, Egyptology

Review: I really loved this book. I had read this book before, but obviously needed to read it again. This book is published by Llewellyn, a new age type publisher which has Wicca, Magick, and other type books like that. However, this book, can really be read by anyone who is interested in Egypt and Egyptology. The book is divided into seven sections. Each of the chapters are very informative and have images and different tables in them. Once you start reading the book you will find that you can’t stop reading. Also, each of the chapters have what is called a practicum which is more information. The chapters are divided into subjects such as astronomy, architecture, the priesthood, death, the deities, etc… You will discover information that you never knew before about the Egyptians and their past. I recommend this book.

Rating: *****


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