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At the Center of the Storm



Title: At the Center of the Storm by George Tenet and Bill Harlow

Category: Nonfiction, Autobiography

Review: Well I finally finished this book. I don’t know why it took me forever to read this book, but it did. Well anyway, I liked this book. The author, George Tenet, was once a Director of the CIA. There are 25 chapters in the book and each are very interesting. He starts with the beginning, where he becomes the director to the end where he leaves the CIA. There are various subjects that he talks about, such as, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, weapons of mass destruction, the Iraq war, etc… It is very interesting how he talks about each subject from the beginning to the end. I would recommend this book if you are interested in autobiographies. It is interesting to learning about people who work in the government. However, it can be slightly boring if you are not interesting in that sort of thing.

Rating: ***


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