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Band of Brothers

Title: Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose

Category: Nonfiction, History, War World II

Review: I’ve never seen the Band of Brothers series and I am sort of glad. I think the book is a wonderful book. Stephen Ambrose did another wonderful job. Band of Brothers is about the Easy (or E paratrooper company) of the 101st. These men went into several places (i.e. Normandy, Bastogne, etc…) and grew very close to each other. They grew so close that they would have died for each other. Stephen Ambrose starts from the training of the soldiers to D-Day to Bastogne, etc… Ambrose interviewed several men and did a very good job. You feel the emotion when you read the thoughts of the men that were in the war. I laughed and I was mad and very upset. The men were so wonderful and I respect them so much because they were behind the lines and not many know about this particular company. They deserve to be known. Thank you gentlemen for your sacrifices!

Rating: *****


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