Everyday Witchcraft

Title: Everyday Witchcraft by Deborah Blake

Category: Nonfiction, Religion, Wicca

Review: I absolutely loved this book. I haven’t expanded my magickal book collection in a while and this is a wonderful book not only for Wiccans, but for Pagans and Witches in general. This book basically gives suggestions on how to incorporate Witchcraft into your everyday life. This is important because as witches sometimes we forget that we need to connect with the deities. Such things she includes are 5 minute rituals, ideas on how to connect with the elements, ideas for altars, and much, much more. If you find yourself feeling that you are not connecting with the deities, elements, or the Earth for that matter; get this book! It is a great one to have!

Rating: *****


One thought on “Everyday Witchcraft

  1. […] This is one of the most recent books that I got on witchcraft. I reviewed Everyday Witchcraft by Deborah Blake earlier this year. This author writes wonderfully. She is very informative, but brings a wonderful […]

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