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The Coldest Winter

Title: The Coldest Winter by David Halberstam

Category: Nonfiction, Military, History, The Korean War

Review: This book is a really great book about The Korean War. You don’t see many good books about The Korean War. This book is over 600 pages. It took me a good while to read and I don’t think can be read in one day. Onto the review. 🙂 The author really goes into depth about The Korean War. From the beginning of the book he gives information on why the Americans got into the war. He gives information about who was who in the war on both sides. He also gives a lot of information about General Douglas MacArthur, who is a very important figure in the story of The Korean War. You not only see a military side of this war, you see it from a political side. He gives a look through Truman’s eyes as well. If you want a pretty complete view on The Korean War, then this is the book for you. I think that The Korean War is not read about much. If you’re into history like me, you need to read about The Korean War at least once and this is a great book to read.

Rating: *****


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