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The Storm of War

Title: The Storm of War by Andrew Roberts

Category: Nonfiction, History, World War II

Review: This was a very good book and is told in a different way than normal World War II books are. This book pretty much goes over four conflicts of the war: the British/German, the American/Japanese, the German/Russian, and the British, American, Russian/German. There are mentions of other conflicts, but these are the main conflicts that the author covers, at least in my opinion. The author covers these very well and there are a lot of quotes from different people in the war such as: Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, etc… He also has quotes from different generals from the Americans, Germans, Russians, etc… The author keeps you interested because he does not section it off by the different conflicts or by different countries. It is a long book, over 500 pages. However, you will like it. I definitely recommend reading this book. It’s not a complete history of WWII, but it will have you interested from page 1.

Rating: *****


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