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Nazi Germany and The Jews

Title: Nazi Germany and The Jews by Saul Friedlander

Category: Nonfiction, History, War World II

Review: When I started this book, I just couldn’t stop reading it. The author did a wonderful job writing this book. This is actually a combination of two of his books that he wrote before this book came out. This book basically goes over everything about the Jews. It takes you from the beginning to the end. There are writings and quotes from the Germans, the Jews (different countries), the leaders of the different countries, and the different church leaders (that really surprised me). It is really a well-researched book. If you think you know a lot about the Final Solution, then think again. The author introduces you to new material that makes you feel really shocked about the who situation. I recommend this book to anyone. If you have to have any book in your history collection, let this be it.

Rating: *****


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