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Go Set a Watchman

Title: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Category: Fiction

Review: I read To Kill a Mockingbird a few weeks ago and I am glad I read that book before Go Set a Watchman. Go Set a Watchman is a sad book to me. Jean Louise (aka Scout) comes back to Maycomb and basically discovers things that really shocks her. She views a meeting (not a KKK meeting), a city council meeting, where Atticus is there with a lot of the men of the town, some who are trash. Atticus lets a man who is a sadist talk about black people in a negative (very negative) way and this basically turns Jean Louise’s world upside down. This is the man whom she has adored since she was born basically and it probably would shock anybody. However, after much talking with her uncle and finally understanding the side of her father (that he is not God as she had viewed him), she starts to slowly change. I loved this book. I sort of wish that it was continued though. It is a great sequel.

Rating: *****


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