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Jurassic Park

Title: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Category: Fiction

Review: I am sure everyone has seen the movie Jurassic Park. I know I have. In fact I never knew that the movie was based on a book until many years later. I find that I can’t really decide which I like better. The movie is a more kids movie, where the book has a lot of cursing and there are extra characters and death of characters that lived in the movie. In some parts of the movie, I wish they would have been much more faithful to the book, however, I suppose that would not sold as well to audience. I enjoyed the book very much and it kept me reading. You never get bored with the book. It’s very hard to. The one thing is that this book leads into the next book: The Lost World, whereas the movie could have finished the franchise right there. Michael Crichton wrote a great one with this book and must of did a lot of research for it. Read it if you haven’t! You will find that the different changes are interesting and you will love comparing it.

Rating: *****


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