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An American Life

Title: An American Life by Ronald Reagan

Category: Nonfiction, Autobiography

Review: This is the first time I have read an autobiography. I loved this book by Ronald Reagan. This book began with Ronald Regan’s life at the beginning. He discusses his parents and brother and how he grew up with what he says a “color blind” mother, meaning that she wasn’t a racist. His father was a hard worker and he got his values from them. The book moves from that to his college years and his hardships becoming a radio sportscaster. He then moves on to Hollywood and the years of being an actor. The entire book takes you through his years and how they led up to his presidency. He just doesn’t talk about himself, he talks about Nancy, his family, the nuclear situation, the financial situation that was left to him, etc… What I really liked was that he included several letters that different leaders of different countries sent him and he responded to. I also liked the fact that it is as if he is almost talking to you through the book. Like he is almost there. I encourage you to read this book. It is an excellent autobiography!

Rating: *****


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