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The Call of the Wild

Title: The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Category: Fiction

Review: This is a very good book, but very hard to describe. It is about a dog named Buck and it follows him as he is taken from his home in the South and moved to the North during the Klondike era. He becomes a sled dog and transitions from a civilized dog to a tough, wolf-like creature. This transition takes place throughout the book where in the first part he is used to being a civilized dog among humans and a normal life. He is then stolen away because of the Klondike era (i.e. gold) and is sold and learns about being a sled dog. It moves on till he starts feeling the pull of the wild part of him taking over. This is how he transitions into the creature of the wild and joins the wild like his ancestors. I think you will enjoy this book a lot. It is a very well written book and you don’t often see many books written from an animal’s perspective.

Rating: ****


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