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White Fang

Title: White Fang by Jack London

Category: Fiction

Review: This was another great story by Jack London. Whereas The Call of the Wild was from a viewpoint of a domesticated dog becoming wild, this is reversed. White Fang is born in the wild. He is 3/4 wolf and 1/4 dog. He is brought into an Indian camp as a cub and is ended up beaten to obey his owner. Later on, he is sold off to a rather cruel owner who makes him fight other dogs for him. White Fang really knows no kindness until he comes upon his last master. It is a really sad story and White Fang doesn’t find happiness until the end of the story. It’s a really well written book. It is a book that is viewed through the animal’s eyes and you don’t find a lot of books like that. This is definitely a classic that you will want to read.

Rating: *****


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2 thoughts on “White Fang

  1. Both “White Fang” and “The Call of the Wild” are excellent books. Personally, I preferred “The Call of the Wild” because of the portrayal of how quickly an animal can transform into survival mode (a reflection on humanity as well). But, “White Fang” was a great read as well. London is a superb writer.

    • pyriterenny on said:

      I agree. London did a great job with both books, however, The Call of the Wild was definitely a good book because of the transformation from domesticated to wild dog. I also like how he told it through the viewpoint of Buck.

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