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The Secret Sharer

Title: The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad

Category: Fiction

Review: I came up this story when wanting to read another story by the author. This is a shorter story by the author about a captain who recently has taken command of a ship and when alone the first night on the ship, saves a man who turns out to be a murderer. He hides the murderer from his crew and eventually feels that the man is like a part of him, his double. The man didn’t commit the murder on purpose and to escape, the captain helps him by finding an island that the man can go to to start a new life. This story is told from the captain’s point of view and can be seen as a little boring. However, I find that it is interesting because of the whole double issue. The captain has a time trying to cover for the man. It is a really interesting story. I would borrow it from the library first to see if you are interested in it and the author. This type of book and the author’s writing is geared toward a certain audience.

Rating: ***


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