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Heart of Darkness

Title: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Category: Fiction

Review: I actually was inspired to read this fiction when I watched King Kong (the 2005 version). One of the crew on the ship had it and it was featured twice. I watched the movie the other day and finally caught the name of the book. I wanted to read it and see what the crew mate was interested in. It was an interesting book, however, I think it is only for a select audience. The story is told by Marlow, who in the beginning, is introduced among a ship of crew mates. He begins to tell the story to his crew mates about how he had been restless and had not been able to find a job as a captain on a ship. He eventually tells about how he has to take over a steam ship, which has to be repaired. Then when he finally starts on his journey, he has to find a man named Kurtz. This is basically a journey to find this man. Along the way, he has to deal with savages, breakdowns with the steamship, death, and more. Marlow basically spins a tale of how he began a journey from one end of the world to the other, learning about different people (the savages), etc… Like I said, it is only a book for a select audience. I still think you should read it at least once. Borrow it from the library.

Rating: ***


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