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Panzer Leader

Title: Panzer Leader by General Heinz Guderian

Category: Nonfiction, History, World War II

Review: This book is a very well written book by General Heinz Guderian. General Guderian was one of Hitler’s generals. However, he was not a common general that we tend to read about. This book is written from his point of view. This man had morals unlike some of Hitler’s close circle and other personal generals. He wasn’t afraid to tell Hitler his point of view about the war. The book, as I mentioned, is written through General Guderian’s point of view. He does talk a lot about how he struggled to form the panzer divisions and struggled to keep the divisions supplied during certain attacks. He had difficulty with supplying the panzer divisions with panzers because of the laziness of the organization. He cared a lot about his soldiers and that is evident in this book. In many ways, I would say this book is an autobiography. However, he doesn’t strictly talk about himself. He does talk about others that were involved in the war. Especially Hitler and the fights that they had. I enjoyed this book and those history buffs out there, I think you will too.

Rating: *****


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