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The Way of Four

Title: The Way of Four by Deborah Lipp

Category: Nonfiction, New Age

Review: I read this book once before and I wasn’t impressed with it. This was my second time reading it. I thought I would give it a second chance. This book is okay. It’s not for those who want to learn more about the magickal use of the elements, though there are some spells and uses for the elements in spells at the end. This is more about learning what elements are predominant in you. You take quizzes to learn more about yourself. She describes what the homes, kitchens, sex life, etc… of the different type of element people are like. I’m predominantly Air and I already knew that. What I really wanted from this book was a way to help me balance the elements in myself and I don’t think it gives a way for that. It’s an okay book. However, I won’t be reading it again.

Rating: **


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