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Colder Than Hell

Title: Colder Than Hell by Joseph R. Owen

Category: Nonfiction, History, The Korean War

Review: This book is told through the author’s eyes who, at the time, was 2nd lieutenant. He tells the story of Baker-One-Seven, which is a company that went to Korea to fight. The author not only tells it through his eyes, but the eyes of other soldiers that were under his command. There were parts in the book that were very funny (the interactions between certain soldiers), however, like every war, there is a lot of sadness. The author revealed the pain of losing close friends, being sick, a story of a first lieutenant who was so dedicated that he escaped the hospital to go back to the front, etc… The book is only focused on one area of Korea where the company goes to which is called the Chosin Reservoir. There are a few negative things I can say about this book. I think the book should have been expanded a little further to show the end of the mission at the reservoir. I also think that the book could have included more pictures and maps of their journey, but they may not have had a lot. This is a good book, but it doesn’t focus on the entire Korean War, only a certain company and area of Korea. If you’re a history buff, you might want to read it.

Rating: ***


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