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Eva Peron

Title: Eva Peron by Alicia Dujovne Ortiz

Category: Nonfiction, Biography, History

Review: Most of us have heard of Eva Peron through the musical or movie ‘Evita.’ While I loved the movie with Madonna in it, I wanted to learn about the real Eva Peron. I ended up finding this book at my local library which was on sale. It was sad, interesting, informative, and evoking. There are things that are true to the movie and musical, but neither tell anything about her family besides the fact that her father left her. This book goes into so much about Eva. The book tells about Eva’s earlier years. How hard it was for her to get a job as an actress and how she was often given silent parts. It tells us about how she and Peron met. It talks about the tour she had through Europe and the big change she had and the mission she had in life, which was not revealed in the movie or musical. The book tells you who the true Eva Peron was. If you really want to know about Eva Peron, you definitely need to read this book.

Rating: ****


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