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Title: Katie by Clara Bernice Miller

Category: Fiction, Christian Fiction

Review: I have never read Christian fiction before. I am of a different religion and I do not really think much of religious fiction. When I started reading this book, I found that I was being sucked right in. This book was written in 1974. The author wrote this from the point-of-view of a character named Katie. Katie is an Amish girl. In the beginning she starts out as a rebellious girl because she has to quit school at a certain point and start to be a hired girl to earn money for her family. She isn’t very interested in her religion and thinks that it is very boring. As she starts to grow up though, her views start to change. She becomes confused about herself and about her religion. She starts to read the Bible for the first time in her life and learns about the scripture. In many ways she becomes an outcast to her Amish community. Through her journey, she begins to grow up and finds herself religiously. This turns out to be good for she develops her own mind and does not become a solid follower of the church, having to obey it and the foundations of the so-called fathers of the church. Through her assurances of herself, she meets someone who has equal doubt in the church and the same religious thoughts. I think it is a very good book about Amish traditions, love, and a girl discovering herself. It is an older book. Over 40 years old. So if you want to read it you will have to buy it used or get it from your local library or maybe get it as an e-book. I still recommend it.

Rating: ****


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