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The Island of Dr. Moreau

Title: The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells

Category: Fiction, Science

Review: This is my first time reading The Island of Dr. Moreau. I have seen the movie, but I had never read this book. The book is in many ways different from the movie, as it usually is with the two. The book focuses on a man named Prendick (that’s his last name) who tells of his journey to the island. He is found by Moreau’s assistant after he is floating for a few days in a boat at sea. When he arrives at the island with the assistant, he isn’t exactly welcomed because of Moreau’s big secret. He does learn of Moreau’s big secret, but knows somewhat of the doctor’s work because he had heard of it in London before where Dr. Moreau had been ousted. Prendick does end up meeting the Beast People. However, things turn out for the worst when one of the Beast People taste blood. Moreau also has been working on another project, a puma, and this escapes. It ends up killing him and everything unravels. The assistant goes crazy and is killed. Prendick ends up having to take some control over the island. This is where things differ from the movie. The Beast People revert back to their beast forms, not all the way because they mostly have been combined (e.g. Hyena-Swine combo). He spends 11 months with the Beast People and ends up returning to society, but is changed. This book was a very great read and is a classic. Don’t just watch the movie. Though the movie is a great one, read the book first if at all possible. H.G. Wells wrote a great book in The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Rating: *****


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