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Angel’s Blood

Title: Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh

Category: Fiction, Fantasy

Review: This book was an option for the book club that I am part of. We didn’t choose it for the first one, but I read it. I loved this book. It was sexy, sensual, and fascinating. This book is about a woman named Elena who is a vampire hunter. In this book there is an order: Archangel then Angel then Vampire then Human. She is a human who hunts rogue vampires. The vampires are made by the archangels. You have to read this book to fully understand it. Anyway, she is called on an assignment by the archangel of New York, who is Raphael, to hunt another archangel who has gone rogue. It is amazingly interesting and keeps you reading from the beginning. There is a lot of sexual teasing in this book, which I enjoy reading sometimes in a book. I definitely plan to continue reading this series and if you are interested in fantasy, you should take a try at reading this book.

Rating: *****


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