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The Invisible Man

Title: The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

Review: The Invisible Man is a classic by H.G. Wells that should be read by all. I have never read it before, but when I started it, I definitely couldn’t stop myself from finishing it. The Invisible Man is basically about a man who performs a scientific experiment on himself to become invisible. He thinks at first that there is a lot of advantages before he does the experiment, but afterwards, he finds a lot of disadvantages to it. The story starts out with the Invisible Man in a town where he arrives and stays for a few months. He is found out to be an invisible man, though before everyone thinks that he is disfigured. He ends up finding an old friend and explaining his story, but his friend betrays him to the authorities and the Invisible Man goes insane, though this is already hinted at when the Invisible Man finishes his story. He ends up wanting revenge on his friend, but gets hunted down and this results in his death and finally he is no longer invisible in his death. It is a wonderful story and should be read by everyone.

Rating: *****


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