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The Time Machine

Title: The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction

Review: The Time Machine is one of those classics that everyone needs to read. I had never read this book before so I was very interested in reading it. The story was very interesting and is basically done in a one-person view from two peoples point-of-view. You start with the Time Traveler (as he is known, he does not have a name besides that) talking with his friends about the theory of a fourth dimension, which is time. Then he tells his friends about the time machine that he has made. He shows them a miniature model which works and shocks them. The next day he meets with some of his same friends but with three new people. When he sees them he is in a terrible condition and they wonder why. After having a meal with them and setting he tells them his story about the future. The Time Traveler arrives in the future and meets two races: the Eloi, who are a child-like race that live happily in the sunlight; and the Morlocks, who live in the darkness underneath the ground and eat meat. The Time Traveler, after shortly arriving, has his machine stolen by the Morlocks (though he doesn’t know it is the Morlocks). He has a hard time trying to arm himself. There are no more animals or disease. The Morlocks eat the Eloi. The only way he can get his time machine back is to set a fire and take it. After he returns, for the most part, he isn’t believed. However, the other person is called back the next day and the Time Traveler disappears again. The person sees the time machine disappear, confirming the time machine’s ability to travel. However, instead of the promise of the Time Traveler returning in 30 minutes, at the end he hasn’t returned. It has been three years. No one knows if he has gone to the past or future. I found this very interesting and would have liked to know what had happened to the Time Traveler. This needs to be read by everyone.

Rating: *****


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