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Justice at Nuremberg

Title: Justice at Nuremberg by Robert E. Conot

Category: Nonfiction, History

Review: This book was a very in depth book about the Nuremberg trial and those that were involved with it. It is over 500 pages and, in my opinion, cannot be read in one sitting, simply because it needs to be read slowly and the information taken in. Conot did a really good job researching the Nuremberg trial. He divided the book into four parts: the decision of making a trial and the beginning, the prosecutors section, the defendants section, and a basic review of what happened at the end of the trial. There are things that I have learned from Mr. Conot that I never knew about the defendants and about the Holocaust and, of course, the Nuremberg trial. This book was written in 1993, but you can still get it at Amazon or at used book dealers online. I found this gem of a book at the library, on sale. I definitely recommend this book for those who are history buffs. I also recommend it for those who wish to learn about War World II and especially what happened to the Nazi criminals. They were punished and this book tells you an in depth explanation of how it was done. I applaud you Mr. Conot!

Rating: *****


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