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The Yoga of Food

Title: The Yoga of Food by Melissa Grabau

Category: Nonfiction, Health, Dieting, Yoga

Review: I was very impressed with this book and the author. This author looks at the relationship of food and people in connection of yoga and how yoga can help with the different food issues you have. You can be overweight or have issues with not wanting to eat. There are plenty of questions in the book that gets you to look at your inner self. This book does not just suggest yoga as a way to help with your food issues, though it does encourage it, it suggests other ways such as journaling, meditation, walking, etc… The author is a therapist and she had problems with food as well. The book also gives examples through other people and their individual problems and relates it to you. I liked this book a lot. I definitely will return to it. Read it if you want some inspiration to help you move along with your health issues.

Rating: *****


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