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Green Witchcraft II

Title: Green Witchcraft II by Ann Moura

Category: Nonfiction, Religion, Wicca, New Age

Review: Green Witchcraft II is the sequel to the original book by Ann Moura, Green Witchcraft. This book discusses the relationship between light and darkness. The good points of this book is that it has a lot of meditations and rituals included in each chapter. The author talks a lot about the dark goddess and god. She also talks about fairies and how you can develop a relationship with them. Another good point is that she gives some correspondence lists for the dark powers. Like, she gives a dark power herb list. She also gives a really extensive stone list. Some negative points are that this book is more Celtic-focused, even though it does mention other goddess and god names. It just feels like a more Celtic-style book. There is a chapter on the Ogham which I did not read because I am not interested in that type of divination. I also think that the book could have been extended on relationships with the fairies. Overall, in my opinion, I think this book is a pretty good book, but unless you are interested in the true dark side of the path, you really don’t need it. The original is a better one and I recommend that one over this.

Rating: ***


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