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Religion and Magic in Ancient Egypt

Title: Religion and Magic in Ancient Egypt by Rosalie David

Category: Nonfiction, History, Ancient History, Egypt

Review: This was a very well written book, however, it was written like a college textbook. The author did a lot of research into the subjects and I learned a lot from her, but reading it head on made me bored. There was a range of subjects that she covered, of course magic and religion, but also pharoahs, the different dynasties, gods and goddesses, burials, the priesthood, etc… I learned things that I never knew before. One of the goals that I am focusing on this year is to learn more about Egypt because I am an Egyptian Wiccan. This is a very informative book, but I advise you not to read it in one setting because you will get bored with it. Take it at one or two chapters at a time. It may take you a few days to finish, but this way it will keep you interested.

Rating: ***


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