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Robinson Crusoe

Title: Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

Category: Fiction, Adventure

Review: This book is one of those classic books that are often read because they are classics. Robinson Crusoe is a book that is set in the 17th century and is a first person account of a man (Robinson Crusoe) who has disregarded his father’s advice to stay home and sets sail and explores the world. The first time he sails, the ship sinks and you would think he would learn from that. However, he doesn’t and ends up becoming a slave. Fortune smiles on him and he escapes the slave owner after a few years and ends up becoming a plantation owner. You would think he would be satisfied, but he goes in search for negroes and winds up on an island alone for 28 years. He finally gets back home to England after his long time away and finds out his father is long dead. He was given up for dead as well, which is no surprise. This is just a small summary of the book. You would have to read it to get the full story. I’m not a fan of first person stories and the book was a little boring to me because it was very descriptive in some parts of his account. However, this was probably the way Defoe wanting the story to be. It is a good book, but took me a while to read. I advise you to get a copy by the library if you are not sure if you want to buy it.

Rating: ***


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