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The Snare of the Hunter

Title: The Snare of the Hunter by Helen MacImes

Category: Fiction, Mystery(?)

Review: I got this book from my Grandma’s house. This was wrote in the seventies and you probably can find it in your library or in a used book shop online. I’m not too satisfied with it because it seems like one of those typical Mystery type books that you read with a guy, girl, and they’re in love and it just is sort of generic. Here is a short summary: Irina is a woman who is being smuggled from Czechoslovakia. Once she gets away into a safe spot, she is met by an old love, named David, who she did not know was going to help her make it to meet her father (who had left Czechoslovakia to get away.) They have a few friends helping them along the way, but find out that a couple have been helping Irina’s ex-husband who is trying to get the information that she is trying to bring to her father. It is a dangerous mission for those David and Irina know they can trust. They meet with danger several times, but luckily stay one step ahead of those who are chasing them. It basically turns out okay in the end. Irina meets her father. However, the author leaves a cliffhanger and you never know about Irina and David’s relationship. It was interesting in some parts, but in some ways, like I mentioned before, it was a generic story.

Rating: ***


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