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Crisis in the Pacific

Title: Crisis in the Pacific by Gerald Astor

Category: Nonfiction, Military, World War II, History

Review: Before I read this book by Mr. Astor, I had never read any of his books. First, I would like to say that this book is a very well researched book and I think anyone who has not read about the war in the Pacific during War World II will find this book a particularly interesting book. This book is over 600 pages and is 27 chapters long. It took me a while to read it, not because it was boring, just because there was a lot of information to take in that was very interesting. Sometimes I just like to take time with a book that is informative about history, in particular, and read it for a while. Not race through it. Anyway, the book was particularly about the islands of the Philippines and the battles that occurred in that area. I learned a lot of new information that I never knew before. Mr. Astor put in a lot of eyewitness accounts and it was great to read about the different point of views, from the infantryman to the medic to the general. I learned about how the Japanese had taken over several of the islands and we had surrendered. I also didn’t know that we had become prisoners and had been put in camps. Those that were put in camps were treated terribly. There are not a lot of books written on the Philippines in specific. I have seen some about Guadalcanal and others, but not about this in particular. I definitely think this is a very good book to read, especially if you are into World War II history like I am. Definitely take a look at it!

Rating: *****


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