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The Martian

Title: The Martian by Andy Weir

Category: Fiction, Science Fiction (?)

Review: Goodness I loved this book so much. Andy Weir did such a great job in writing a great book. I saw the movie first and I didn’t know that the movie was based on the book until I saw the book in a Books-A-Million store. So I ended up getting it from the library and I am so glad that I did. First, the book should not be read by anyone under 18 in my opinion. Simply because there are a lot of f-bombs and curse words. This book is both first-person and third-person. For the most part it is a diary of Mark Watney’s one and a half year experience on Mars. To summarize, Mark Watney is the sixth man of a six-man team who was left behind on Mars because of a massive wind storm. He spends a year and a half surviving on the planet. This includes cultivating potatoes, fixing machinery, finding an old rover that helps him communicate with NASA, etc… He has to overcome so many obstacles to get back to Earth and he is the only man on Mars. This book will make you laugh, but at some times make you feel very sad for him because he is so alone on this forsaken planet. He only has a little contact with people and that is through computer contact. This man survives a year and a half without another physical human with him. It makes you feel sad, but it also makes you cheer him on when he gets to the end and he reunites with his crew. Wonderful book and I recommend everyone read it!

Rating: *****


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