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The Great Extinction

Title: The Great Extinction by Michael Allaby and James Lovelock

Category: Nonfiction, Science, Paleontology

Review: I was not very impressed with this book. I got this book from the library just as a look around for books on paleontology and dinosaurs. Well this book read somewhat like a textbook. Not only that, it hardly spoke about the dinosaurs. I know it was supposed to focus on the extinction of the dinosaurs, but I expected more on the subject of the dinosaurs. Instead, the books subjects included geology, astronomy, biology of modern animal, and chemistry. I don’t mind learning about these types of subjects, but I found the title of the book misleading. Not only that, I think the book was deeply boring. It took all that I had to finish it. My motto is: ‘once I start a book, I finish it.’ So I had to finish this book. I think the authors are smart men, but they are terrible writers. I wouldn’t get this book because it didn’t have hardly any information on the dinosaurs in relation to the extinction theory and it just won’t keep you engaged.

Rating: *


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