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The Dinosaur Heresies


Title: The Dinosaur Heresies by Robert T. Bakker

Category: Nonfiction, Science, Paleontology

Review: I first saw this book on and was immediately interested in it. I was searching for books on paleontology of course. However, I did not want to get it until I read it. Luckily, I went to the library and found it. So I got it and from the beginning I instantly loved it. This book is by Dr. Bakker, who is a paleontologist. It goes over several theories about the dinosaurs and breaks them down. For instance, one theory tells us that the dinosaurs were cold-blooded and were sluggish. However, Dr. Bakker does a great in-depth explanation of why they were not cold-blooded and in fact they were warm-blooded. He also has a lot of illustrations that he drew in the book. He is a very talented artist and I was able to see how he related the theories to his drawings. He explained everything where the common person could understand his theories and the theories of others. There are mentions of scientific terms and the names of different dinosaurs in this book, of course, but that is expected in a book about dinosaurs. This book exceeded my expectations. I loved reading it and learning a lot about the dinosaurs that I haven’t known before. If you are interested in paleontology or dinosaurs or science, this is a great read. I definitely think you will like it!

Rating: *****


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