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The Wicked Will Rise


Title: The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige

Category: Fiction, Young Adult

Review: Well everyone, this is the second book in the ‘Dorothy Must Die’ series. I absolutely love this series. I had to get the final two books from the library, but I intend to purchase the trilogy when I have the finances. If you wish to look at my review of the first book, go here. Anyway, this book is a continuation where the first left off. I don’t want to reveal too much, but here is a basic summary: When the book begins Amy and Ozma are being flown to a jungle kingdom of the Wingless Ones (Flying Monkeys who no longer have wings). When both get there she meets with Queen Lulu (sort of a queen of the Winged Ones). Later, after one of the witches teleports there (not telling) and is allowed to rest (because the witches aren’t liked among the monkeys), Amy and Ozma are sent off to find Polychrome, the princess of the Rainbow Citadel. In the last book, Ozma can be described as a bit of a ding-dong because of a spell Dorothy put on her. In this book, the magic is coming back to Oz and Ozma is becoming powerful again. (In case you don’t know who Ozma is, she is the true queen of Oz. If you haven’t read beyond The Wizard of Oz, you need to get the complete set of books that Baum wrote. One book is dedicated just to Ozma.) Anyway, Amy is becoming more powerful as well, but she is also having to wrestle with doubt and the fact that her powers are on the edge of darkness as well. After finding Polychrome, Amy makes a mistake (won’t tell again) and Dorothy and Glinda find the Rainbow Citadel and burn the place down. After doing so, they take Ozma with them. Amy and her wizard friend, Nox, who she had reunited with earlier, go back to the Emerald City. The Emerald City is in ruins and they go back to the palace which has changed and discover that the Wizard is behind a plan of his own (not telling). In the end Dorothy and Amy end up back in Kansas without their powers, but they are not alone without others from Oz. I hope I didn’t give too much away, but I hope I have whet your interest in wanting to read this book or at least reading Dorothy Must Die. I am onto the last book and I am looking forward to giving a great review for that. Give this series a try! It may be Young Adult fiction, but it is a great read for anyone over 18! It also has some violent parts in it which I think for anyone who likes a little violence will definitely want to read. Have a good one!

Rating: *****


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