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My love affair with the library

Hello everyone,

Well I went to the library today with my nephew and parents. My nephew loves going to the library (mostly to play with the toys and to ride the elevator), however, I will get him reading very soon. Anyway, we went because I had another one of Danielle Paige’s books waiting for me. Yes, I’m obsessed with her. It is a set of Dorothy Must Die Novella’s in a book. I am so looking forward to finishing that. The library is one of my favorite places to go (besides the bookstore) :). You should definitely support your local library. The local library in Morgantown has weekly book sales on Tuesday and every first and third Saturday of the month. This is a great way of supporting them and getting good used books that you want. I have plenty of used books that I have got from the library that are in good condition. Most of the time, as well, your local library can get a book that you want or need from another county in your state. The book I got today that I requested came from Upshur county (I live in Monongalia county). Usually it costs a dollar when you request a book from another county. When I lived in SC, I would go to the library all the time to study for classes and other things. It was a huge library because I lived in Columbia (the capitol city). The main point is, I love my library! And you should love yours!



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