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Dorothy Must Die Stories


Title: Dorothy Must Die Stories by Danielle Paige

Category: Fiction, Young Adult

Review: This book is a set of prequels that takes place before the Dorothy Must Die series. There are three novellas in this book: No Place Like Oz, The Witch Must Burn, and The Wizard Returns. All three were really great stories and you are clued into what exactly happened before Dorothy took over Oz. I’ll give you a little summary of each.

Dorothy Must Die: We find Dorothy back in Kansas. She is 16 years old and is about to celebrate her 16th birthday. She has become a bit famous in Kansas because of the fact that she survived the tornado. After a terrible birthday party, she is sent a gift (the ruby shoes) by Glinda and wishes to go back to Oz. Not only does she end up back, but so does Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. She finds out that Ozma rules over Oz now and that the Scarecrow was ousted because of her. Basically, after meeting Ozma she develops suspicions and the shoes corrupt her. This is where Dorothy starts to become evil.

The Witch Must Burn: This is told through the view of Jellia Jamb. She was a servant for Ozma and now is one for Dorothy. Glinda comes to the Emerald City and becomes interested in Jellia because of reasons unknown to her. This is where we find out about the start of the draining of Oz’s magic and how Jellia fits into it. She also meets the Wicked who recruits her to help them keep an eye on Dorothy.

The Wizard Returns: This is told through the Wizard’s view. The Wizard has slept for 25 years in a poppy field and is woke up by Pete. He has no idea of who he is or what Oz is. In order to get his memories back he has to pass three tests. Pete leads him to his tests, but disappears before he begins them. Before, he had no magic, but had tricks. Now he has tapped into Oz’s magic. After regaining his memories and being assigned to retrieve certain items, he decides to go back to his old ways, but hides this.

If you have read the Dorothy Must Die series, you will definitely love this. It fills in a lot of blanks that are in the series. I enjoyed this book a lot!

Rating: *****


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