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The Shining


Title: The Shining by Stephen King

Category: Fiction, Horror

Review: Stephen King is beginning to become one of my favorite horror fiction authors. Of course, he is the master of horror fiction. 🙂 Anyway, I have never seen the movie, but I figured if the movie had been popular then the book must be very good. So I got the book a couple of months ago and decided to go ahead and read it. This is one of his best thrillers. It is a psychological horror book and I loved reading it. Here is a summary of the book:

Jack Torrance has moved his family, wife (Wendy), and son (Danny) to Colorado for a new chance at a job and to basically redo his life. He is hired as caretaker of The Overlook Hotel for the Winter. One thing you should know is that Danny is special. He is psychic and that is an extremely important part of the book. When moving in on the last day of the hotel’s operation, Danny meets Dick. Dick is the head chef who is leaving The Overlook. He too is psychic, but calls what he and Danny has the ‘Shine.’ This is where the title comes from.

At first, everything seems okay. However, things start happening. Danny gets psychic visions from the hotel. The hotel has an extremely bad past. As time passes, Danny isn’t the only one that is getting visions of the hotels past. More time passes and the hotel’s influence grows stronger. Jack is eventually overtaken by the hotel. The hotel ends up convincing him that his wife and son are against him. He (really the hotel) tries to kill them, and almost does, but before that happens, the boiler blows the hotel up. This ends the hotel’s power that had been gathering over the many years.

That is a basic summary. I enjoyed the book a lot. I loved the characters. The only negative I can think of is that there are a lot of dirty words and cussing. I would not recommend this book to anyone younger than 18. Stephen King is known for cussing in his books. Definitely read this book if you haven’t read it, but seen the movie. You’ll definitely have a great time reading it!

Review: *****


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2 thoughts on “The Shining

  1. Nice review. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve watched the movie. I bought the kindle book last year or so and will bump it up on my tbr list (despite the fact that I’ll probably get nightmares but at least I’ll be prepared for the horror). I definitely recommend watching the movie. Jack was great in that role.

    • pyriterenny on said:

      Thanks. I will definitely have to watch The Shining! I am hoping to find it on Netflix or another service.

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